Housewash Guy uses a soft wash remediation technique to safely remove organic growth from roofs without causing any damage. The soft wash technique involves using a low-pressure spray of water and cleaning solution to gently wash away the organic growth.

Here are the steps that we typically use to remediate roofs located in Saratoga, Schenectady and Albany County.

when using a soft wash remediation technique to remove organic growth from a roof:

Inspection: The pressure washing company will first inspect the roof to determine the type and extent of the organic growth.

Cleaning solution: The company will then mix a cleaning solution that is specifically designed to kill and remove the type of organic growth on the roof. The cleaning solution will typically include a mix of algaesid, water, and a surfactant to help the solution penetrate the growth.

Application: The cleaning solution is then applied to the roof using a low-pressure sprayer, which is designed to gently apply the solution without causing any damage to the roof.

Dwell time: The cleaning solution is allowed to sit on the roof for a specific amount of time, which varies depending on the type and extent of the organic growth.

It’s worth noting that not all roofs are suitable for soft wash remediation. For example, roofs with certain types of shingles, such as cedar or slate, may be more prone to damage and may require a different cleaning method. As a professional pressure washing company we will be able to assess the roof and determine the best approach for safely removing the organic growth.